Day Trip – Milton Keynes

So today we had our ‘surprise’ trip. When arriving at the meeting point in Coventry we found out that we would be travelling to Milton Keynes. We were given a map and our brief for this module and were told to begin planning whilst on the coach.

Task: You will work as a group to create an artifact. The artifact must critically analyse the discourses tha are present and embodied in planned cities.

Discourses are ”systems of thought or sets of knowledge that produce how we think about and understand the word. [Objects, concepts, subject and strategies form a system of thought that determines] what could be said, who could speak, the positions from which they could speak, the viewpoints that could be presented and the interests, stakes and institutional domains that were represented” (motion and Leitch 2007: 263-4)

On the coach i used my Iphone to google some background information on  Milton Keynes, i found out that it was originally built to ”relieve housing congestion in london” But was built to be a city with thriving business and a local shopping center for the public.

When further reading i found a theory about this idea of ‘A City’ by Melvin M. Webber, who described the architect (Derek Walker) as ‘Father of the city’. His theory is below.

Telecommunication meant that the old idea of a city as a concentric cluster was out of date and that cities which enabled people to travel around them readily would be the thing of the future achieving ”community without propinquity” for residents.

Mark Clapson (2004). A Social History of Milton Keynes: Middle England / Edge
City. London: Frank Cass Publisher. 34-38.

As a group, we decided to gather data from the public about their views and opinions of Milton Keynes, we asked questions such as;

.Do you think Milton Keynes is a town or a City?

.What do you think of the business aspect of the City?

.What is the social life-like?


As we were interviewing and i was photographing the general landscape, we found that many opinions of the public was that the city itself had been rushy placed together, and they saw it more of a town than a city due to its grid system and how the buildings are located. When asking a range of age groups the same questions it came across to us as being a modernized adult city and the young people we spoke to felt very separated from ‘The City’ or looked down on by older peers.


To us it also seemed as if the town was labelled and built to look more like the city of London and New York City, with roads names such as, midsummer boulevard or Lower 10th Street. Yet walking around Milton Keynes didn’t feel as if it was an exciting city like those cities mentioned previously.

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In todays lecture we was brief’d about our next module, Rethink, React, Respond. We was joined by other courses such as Media Production as the module is a combined course.


At the end of our lecture we was asked to form groups of six, each group ideally should contain a student from each course on it. After feeling very nervous i introduced myself to a group of four people, Ant, Tom, (Media Production students) Wen and Yuishi ( CCM students) with another place to fill i signed Ellie up off my course as she was away today.

I am confident with my group of six people for this module and feel we can all benefit from eachothers skills and knowledge from our own courses, however.. Due to us missing students from other courses i feel at some point we will have to agree on what roles we will all undertake in order to produce and showcase the best work possible.

Onwards from this i created a group on Facebook called ”202MC” where we can all contact each other privately to discuss this module. Today we held a conversation about the equipment we may need for our day trip.

Shoulder Mount
Flash Gun
Portable Lighting Equipment
Film Recorder

Between us we feel pretty confident in being able to access the above from either the loan shop or our own equipment.

Currently i am anxious and nervous as to what our brief may be, but am looking forward to the challenge!!

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I decided to create my presentation using I felt it was the best way to creative reflect on my placement at Smiths Wood community and can access my presentation by clicking on the link below. It is an interactive presentation that allows you to click forwards or backwards through it. Below is my YouTube link to my opening video which i was able to use within my presentation, i created this video using windows media player and the footage used is my own footage of the location of my placement. I had full permision to film this. Throughout my video and presentation i have taken quotes from an essay that i wrote for my ADD+ Vantage module which was based around the same placement. This essay also reflects upon my time spent with 5SC. My Reference to this is also below.

Merriman.T, (2013). Level 2. volunteering In The Community, (Add Vantage Module). A201CSU Volunteering in the Community.(Smiths Wood Community Primary School).

My Presentation

My Beginning Credits Video


My time spent so far at Smiths Wood Community Primary School has been incredibly self-rewarding. I have watched the growth of children and helped support them through part of their education. I have gained team work skills by working alongside teaching assistant’s to help plan and prepare the classroom and assisted the teacher to get ready for their next lesson or topic. I have achieved these skills and worked well in this area and was complimented for my efforts made, especially within my creative ideas. By carrying on my placement i hope to progress in these skills and conduct my own lesson plan and seeing it through.

When reflecting on my creative work, i enjoyed being allowed the freedom to creatively produce pieces and display boards that the children would enjoy, This also helps me to benefit my own creative portfolio for my future career in teaching. My learning development has been impeccable, i couldn’t of asked to be apart of a better school or team of staff that are centered around benefiting the pupils further education. As a direct result to this module i feel it has personally helped me create new aims and goals to work towards in order to become a primary school teacher.

I am now looking onto new horizons and pushing myself to volunteer within different age groups at Smiths Wood, which will allow me to access the learning development for the age of children and help me when applying to do my PGCE in teaching as i will have experience behind me. Overall i have found this module to be more than beneficial to my future career and have benefitted from the positive feedback i have been given.

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Curriculum Vitae

An online document version of my curriculum Vitae is available for viewing above. After looking over my first attempt at a creative curriculum vitae i found it showed no relation into my future career path and does not reflect my passion and dedication. I decided create my cv around my chosen career, after all it would be submitted into that area of work.

Feedback Sheets

My placement has been so self rewardng that i wanted to find a way to share this and hold onto them memories. I used sparkle box to print out a border of faces, i then used these as ‘feedback sheets’ which i gave to the children on my last day in their classroom. I think they completley sum up my placement entirley showing the relationship between me and the children and how they refelected on my time spent with them.



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Last Day In Year 5 29.03.13

Over the past 10 weeks i have become very fond of attending my placement days a Smiths Wood, and today has been a little bit emotional as i didn’t want to say goodbye to any of the staff or pupils in year 5, they have been so warm welcoming and helpful, i really couldn’t of asked for a better placement. It has been so rewarding to watch the progress of all pupils in 5CS and it has had such an immense impact on my future career.

Today i was helping John prepare for ‘Go Green’ topic after the holidays. Claire and John both wanted the classroom to be a mix between a jungle and a recycle plant. I began by re-painting the windows, one was their refuse, reuse, recycle window and the other contained animals you would find in a jungle.

IMG_1003[1] IMG_1001[1]

After id completed these windows i also created animal faces on one of the display boards and helped John create a title for the second display board.  I learnt how to use the photo-copier for the first time today so that i could also create a title for next doors display too.


Due to it being my last day in year 5 i had create some feedback sheets, i asked Claire if it would be okay for me to take 15minuetes before the bell to ask the pupils to fill them in for me. Once i had handed them out the children seemed a little unsure on what i was asking, to overcome this i decided to get crayons out and ask them to either draw or write about things that i had done with them whether they was good or bad.


I was completely overwhelmed with my feedback as it was all so positive including my evaluation sheet from Claire including a little thank you card from all the members of staff and pupils in 5CS. This has massively helped my confidence when thinking about my future career within this chosen area.

At the end of the day i handed out some lollies and said my goodbyes, however i am looking forward to going back after half term into a new classroom with different staff and pupils, i am hoping to be placed with a younger year group so i can experience the difference between learning style and teaching levels.

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Ackers Adventure Center

On todays trip i supported next doors year 5 class with Mr Taylor and Glenis (Teacher and T.A).
This was a good experience for me as i have previously mentioned i enjoy working alongside other members of staff to see the different styles of teaching that each teacher uses, it also allowed me time to work with new pupils.

To begin the day we went tobogganing, which ill admit is the most funniest experience i have had whilst being on placement, we had children sliding out of their sledges, races and were even given adults sledges so that me and Mr Taylor could join in.Was deffonatly a nice ay to relax with half the year group and see them enjoying themselves outside of education. We then met back up with my original year 5 class for some lunch, after all our food had settled we swapped over with the other class as they did tobogganing and we went bail boating.


Once the instructors had walked us around to the canal and got everyone geared up i was in charge of a boat with 7 pupils and an instructor, our aim was to race Mr Talbots boat down the canal whilst learning how to turn the boat and oars. We played games and sang the grand old duke of york quite a few times too! But after we crashed into a bush it was time to spin back around and get ourselves ready to meet the coach driver. Overall its been another brilliant trip with year 5, all children brought a spare set of clothes and gloves with them too as the weather was incredibly cold and they were expected to of gotten wet.

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Red Nose Day 15.03.13

Wear Something Funny For Money

I was so excited for today! All staff and pupils were allowed to wear ‘something funny for money’ to raise money for red nose day. I decided to wear my pajama’s , dressing gown, slippers and put my hair into piggies which the kids found hilarious!


As well as normal routine for the day, the big plan was for the children to get up and dance as soon as they heard Gangnam Style play around the school. The rule was for the children to go outside of their classrooms and dance one routine untill the song had finished. It has been a very exciting day, i was also in charge o the rowing competition where the pupils in the school would pay £1 each to see how far they could row on an exercise machine for an x amount of time.

Cookies where also on sale throughout the day, which were incredibly tasty! After big write there was a celebration assembly where yet again all staff and pupils danced to Gangnam Style, which was further recorded by John Talbot (The Headteacher).

At the end of today Claire approach me and asked year 5 next friday on their trip to Acker’s Adventure Center, of course i said yes! Then further good news came when Crystal asked me to extend my placement untill the end of the school year in July! To say im very happy right now is an understatement, i am loving my placement and the opportunities it appears to be opening up for me.

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